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8 Facts of My Week (5)

1. Meh, typical. I got back the history test I labored so much over and only got an 87, so now I basically have to ace my presentation to get at least an A- so my GPA doesn't die a bloody death. Grades have been consuming nearly every thought for the past week, because the trimester's ending soon, so you know what this is - Hell Week. I just have to survive until Thursday, and then Tri 1 ends. According to my mom, I talk in my sleep about my various worries of the classes I'm having trouble in (History, English, Math, Chemistry) and what I have to get on what in order to get an A. (And yes, I appreciate the irony that the two middle classes are what should be, by all rights, my best. Yet somehow I'm getting A-'s. Meh.)

2. HARRY POTTER MOVIE. My parents wouldn't let me see it on Friday (and as much as I complained to my friends about it, I do understand why - it is Hell Week, and I do have a crapload of homework to handle), but I'm going with friends next Saturday.

3. Math competition tomorrow at Princeton. I have to leave the house at 6:00 in the morning to get to the bus on time. SIX O'CLOCK. ON A SATURDAY. That should be illegal. This means I'll have to wake up at 5:20, which is earlier than I wake up on weekdays. Blah. (And yes, I'm writing this on Friday night.)

4. I have some horrible ill fortune in getting entangled in awkward situations. Yesterday morning, for instance, I went to what's known as the Breezeway, which is basically a bunch of awesome benches next to really huge windows, which let in lots of light hence the name. (Although it's rather dark that early.) I still had ten minutes before homeroom, so I figured I'd get some work done that was due Wednesday instead of socializing like usual. (As much as we geeks can socialize, anyway.) So there I was, doing my work and listening to my iPod, where suddenly someone said, "Thank you for coming, everyone!" I froze and slowly looked up, to see at least twenty people standing in a circle, which I was included in.

Yeah. Somehow I ended up in some club meeting. There was no way for me to leave without breaking the circle, which seemed even more awkward than hunching over and doing work. This is the fourth time this has happened this year. I must find some better place to do work.

5. I stabbed Crush in the skull with a pencil. By accident, of course. We were talking (or he was, and I was hyperventilating), and I was spinning my pencil as I usually do, when it flew out of my fingers and embedded in his head.

"Oh God! Are you okay?" I cried, crouching down by him.

He smiled weakly. "Y-yeah, I'm fine." He gingerly rubbed his hair around the area and then attempted to pull out the pencil, wincing. It didn't budge. "Really stuck in there, huh?" he said, with a nervous chuckle.

"Let me try," I said, stepping forward, wrapping both hands around the pencil, and yanking as hard as I could. Nothing. I pulled as hard as I could, ignoring his screams of agony.

At last I finally stopped, rivulets of sweat streaking down my face, panting. "It might have moved a little bit." I rubbed my face with my hands and looked back up. "Here, I'll try ag-"

He was gone. But, you know, he was probably really impressed by my strength, seeing how deep I was able to plunge the pencil into his brain. That's attractive... right?

6. Sleep. I need it.

7. Last week, I went down town with my best friend from elementary school who I've kind of grown apart from. Well. More than kind of. Things got quite awkward at points. She seems different than I remember. We used to fall into these amazing laughing fits that would last forever and we wouldn't be able to breathe and we'd be gasping and clutching our sides, and whenever we had play dates (yeah, this was way back), I'd always leave with my stomach aching from so much laughing. I miss that.

8. Whose great idea was wisdom teeth? THEY HURT.


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