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Bad Decisions Part 2

Lockers are an undeniable part of school life. They're supposedly useful, because you can throw your books and things there which saves you from carrying five hundred pounds of stuff, but then you have to consider all the problems that come along with it.

Like the lock. Of course you want to lock your locker so no one breaks in and steals your iPod (though why you wouldn't merely carry your iPod around with you in your purse or backpack or whatnot is beyond me), but is it really worth the hassle? I have a long history of forgetting my locker combination at random points. It doesn't matter if I've opened it forty times that morning, by afternoon I probably won't remember the numbers. Then comes the awful period of time where you can't get to any of your books and your teachers tut-tut at you and mark you down for not being prepared and the little gremlins taught you with their sing-songy voices - oh. Yeah. That last one might just be me.

But really, the biggest problem of lockers would have to be the fact that they are just so long and thin, you're tempted to just see if you can fit in one. I mean, I can't see why stepping into something with a remarkable resemblance to a coffin would be appealing, but it just is. It's one of those mysteries of life that ought to be answered in those books for little kids, along with "Where do the dust bunnies come from?" and "Why is Mommy grouchy for a week once a month?"

I, of course, am wonderful at resisting the temptation. I can walk down the hallway and glance at people slipping into lockers and closing the door, and merely smile and walk one.

No, I lied. I thought it would be an epic idea to see if I could fit in one while my friends watched, so I slipped inside and hunched over a bit and lo and behold, I could!

"Close the door," I said excitedly.

My friends exchanged a look (in hindsight, this should have been a warning sign) and then said slowly, "Suuuure," before closing the door.

"Wow!" you could hear my muffled voice exclaim. "I really can fit!... Okay, I'm ready to come out now... Guys?"


Teacher/Learner said...

Lockers get worse, I'm afraid. In my 1st year of university, I got a locker, but I didn't get to choose its location & it was on the other side of campus from all of my classes. I spent the next 3 years lugging a's a drag, but a great workout, though :D

Anonymous said...

Umm, we don't really have lockers in English schools. Yeah, we're too cool for that :)
Glad you escaped, Izzy!

Izzy said...

Teacher/Learner: Oh, ouch. I actually carry a backpack around because it's easier, but my locker is in a more convenient location so I'm never carrying more than, say, five pounds of weight at a time. :P

Rachel Star: Oh snap :O

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