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In My Mailbox (13)

I had an excellent load! I'm not sure I'll even need to get anything else during the next five days.

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson. This book sounds quite cute! It's about a girl named Amy Curry whose father recently died in a car crash, and her mom wants them to move from California to Connecticut. She decides to go on a cross-country road trip to escape from everything, but then it turns out that Roger - the son of a family friend who she hasn't seen in years - is going with her. Of course Amy is unhappy that she has to go around the country with someone she doesn't even really know, but then it turns out that she's developing a crush on him. The romance sounds absolutely adorable, but with some seriousness as well, judging by the issues Amy is struggling with.

Shadow Hills by Anastasia Hopcus. I was a little unsure of this one because it sounded a lot like Dead Beautiful (which I liked, I guess, but wasn't really something I'd want to read again in the form of another book), but the reviews were so good, I decided I might as well give it a try. A girl named Phe is grieving over her sister's horrible death. She reads her sister's last diary entry and finds that a town called "Shadow Hills" is mentioned, so she decides to leave her Los Angeles life and go to a boarding school in that town. However, there are bizarre things there that just don't add up, like an unexplained epidemic many years ago, and the fact that the citizens are able to bend metal. This book seems deliciously creepy, although I don't really like the sound of her romance with a guy who also harbors dark secrets.

Omnitopia Dawn by Diana Duane. How could I resist this gorgeous cover? It looks absolutely thrilling and has excellent ratings, nearly as high as the first Harry Potter book. Unfortunately, the only synopsis we get is "a near-future techno-thriller". But hey, that sounds pretty good. I assume "near-future" means a dystopian that doesn't take place too far from now, and judging from both the cover and the sparse description, technology is involved. Sounds awesome to me!

Crash Test Love by Ted Michael. This one seems so incredible. Henry doesn't want a girlfriend, but he's great with getting them to his car's backseat. Garrett was recently dumped by her boyfriend when she moved, so she feels that she just needs some good friends instead of another boyfriend. The clique at her new school, luckily for her, want her in their group, but all she has to do is pass a test - get Henry to take her to a Sweet Sixteen, and then dump him in front of everyone. But as Garrett starts seducing Henry, she finds herself falling for him just as hard as he falls for her. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

I really liked Crash Test Love and I hope you do as well. :) I've heard only amazing things about Amy & Roger's Epic Detour. Enjoy!

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