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Entr@pment: Review

Synopsis: Love is...
hopeless, pointless, merciless, lame
bliss4u: no, love is...i dunno...loverly
Ms.T: it's obvious. love is all about trust.
BoBoy: well, i'm lovin this pizza. yum
chessman: i'm thinking that was the wrong answer, bro...
Big.J: some people need some schooling around here
For two happy couples, love is true.
For two cynical friends, ove is a game...that is not always fair.
When a wager puts love to the test, will there really be a winner?
Details: Entr@pment by Michael Spooner, 320 pages, 3.18 stars on Goodreads

Why I Picked This Up: I was looking for a fun, light read, and this seemed to fit the bill. I've always thought books that use technology, like writing through emails, texts, blog posts, chats, etc., are interesting, so I was looking forward to reading this one. And of course, it definitely helped that the cover seemed fun as well!

Characters: I did have some difficulty relating to the characters. I didn't really feel like they had very developed personalities, just exaggerated "types". For example, Annie was just this cynical, emo-ish girl, clichély because she had a bad experience with a guy. Bliss and Beau were the dumb but sweet people, and Tamra and Mitch were smart. Maybe it's just because the writing style made it hard to convey personalities, but I never really got to know or care about anyone.

The one character I did really like was Johnson. He was portrayed as a player, spinning "meaningful" poetry off like there was no effort involved (there wasn't) and wooing girls left and right. However, there was more to him, even if it was rather predictable that he would end up with - well, I won't spoil it for anyone who wants to read this book! It is fairly obvious, though.

Plot: I love the plot in this one! It's such a unique idea, having the girls pretend to be other, foreign girls to see if their boyfriends fall for them. At points it did seem a little over the top, like how Johnson convinced Beau and Mitch in the first place, which just felt unlikely to me.

The other thing I didn't like was how quickly and easily Beau and Mitch fell in love with Tatiana and the one Bliss pretended to be (sorry, it's been a while and this book is rather forgettable). Falling in love with a particular someone you've only known a short time while you're in a serious relationship is unlikely enough, given how love is pretty much a crapshoot, but it's even more unlikely when the person is someone you're speaking to online.

Internet romances in general are difficult. A serious one - or at least one serious enough to cheat with - would take a while to develop, because people are so different online than they are in real life. For instance, I'm way more confident and capable of making decent jokes over the Internet, whereas I'm pretty shy in real life. (Not to mention that unless I'm talking to my best friend, my jokes almost always fall flat.)

So my main problem with the plot is just that it's unrealistic. I did enjoy it, though, and it unfolded at a decent pace.

Cover: I like this cover! It's neat how the title is spelled out on keys, and the girl's hand is a nice touch. I do think it would be pretty cool if her finger was poised on "enter" or something instead of just hovering between "M" and "E", but it's still a nice cover. The other thing I'd say is that the author's name feels just randomly placed in the corner, and it's sort of hard to notice.

First Line: Ms.T: yo bliss, you there?

Overall: The characters were lacking and the plot, while original, was unrealistic in many parts. However, Entr@pment was still enjoyable with many funny moments, and in the end, it was a fast and flirty read, perfect for a break after some heavy reading.

Plot - 3/5
Characters - 2/5
Writing - 3/5
Impact - 2/5
Inability to put it down - 3/5

Total - 52% = C


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