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Great load this week! The books I reserved finally came so I don't have to force myself to read slowly anymore.

Forget You by Jennifer Echols. I absolutely adored another book by this author, Going Too Far (which I recently reviewed). Honestly, it was probably the best romance I've ever read, and I don't even like romance that much usually. I'm looking forward to another hot but PG-13 romance! This one seems like it might be even better - it's about a girl, Zoey, who has problems at home, and then a "darkly handsome bad boy" (yes!) named Doug who makes fun of her at school. To hide all her issues, she tries to be the perfect everything, but one night she gets in a car crash, and she can't remember anything about that night. All she knows is that her boyfriend is avoiding her and Doug, of all people, acts like something happened between them. Doesn't that just sound completely epic?

Sisters Red by Jackson Pierce. I don't like werewolves all that much, but this one sounds different, since it's basically an awesome play on Little Red Riding Hood, where instead of being tricked and eaten by the wolf, they slay werewolves. It was described as a "dark, taut fairy tale" which is right up my alley, and sisterhood seems to be one of the main themes. I've always wanted a sister, especially when I was a little kid, so books where there are sisters with a strong bond fascinate me. Plus, the love interest is a woodsman named Silas who's "deadly with an ax" (sounds good to me!) but she can't fall in love with him without jeopardizing everything she's worked for. I'm excited!

The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy. I figured that along with these dark retellings of fairy tales and intense romances, I needed something just a little bit lighter. This book still seems to have its serious side, but I don't think it's as heavy as the other two. It's about a girl named Jess who's invited to join a super-secret society of popular girls who spend their time vanquishing mean girls. Isn't that just an awesome concept? Even better, Jess finally gets a chance at being popular and getting her crush, but then she discovers what's really powering the Cinderella Society - and they want her to do a mission that could make her lose everything. The description ends with those amazing line: "What’s a girl to do when the glass slipper fits, but she doesn’t want to wear it anymore?" This sounds like awesome-ness!

Annexed by Sharon Dogar. Some historical fiction is thrown in this week to shake things up! I don't read that genre very much because I used to dislike it, but I'm starting to rediscover this so I'm more open to reading it. Last year, we did  a unit in English on Anne Frank (though for some reason, we read some play about it instead of her diary, which disappointed me), and it was probably my favorite unit of the whole year. Of course, this book isn't just another Anne Frank retelling - this one is all about the boy with her, Peter, which I think is a great idea! We rarely hear about him, so it'll be interesting to see how the author pulled this off.

Hunger by Jackie Morse Kessler. And finally for some fantasy! (I told you I had a great load this week - very well-rounded.) The synopsis kind of confused me a little, but from what I gather, it's about a seventeen-year-old anorexic girl who has to face famine. This seems like a unique idea; I've read books about anorexia, and books about famine, but never both. I'm interested to see how a girl who inflicts starvation on herself is affected by seeing people who have no choice, and I wonder how those people will react to her. I haven't exactly heard the best things about this book, but it sounds intriguing enough for me to give it a try. 


Katie said...

I've heard SO MANY fabulous things about Annexed and have been wanting to read Sisters Red since forever. Enjoy your stack!!

brandileigh2003 said...

I enjoyed Annexed and Hunger and hope you do too. Happy reading and have a great rest of the weekend!
here is mine

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