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What I Want to Read

It's obviously no secret that I love to read (and write), and I'm sure pretty much all of you guys, if you're reading this, love to read (and possibly but not necessarily write) as well. If you read a lot, then you probably come across stereotypes and cliches and find types of books that you wish there are more of.

Here is a list of things I'd like to find in books. If you happen to know a book that has one or more of these elements, it'd be awesome if you commented and let me know :) Feel free to comment with kinds of books you want to see as well!

1. The love interest that isn't super hot. Of course it can be great to read a book with a totally swoon-worthy guy (or girl, but for the sake of eliminating awkward phrases, I'll just talk about male love interests) who whispers flirtatious phrases when no one's watching and saves you from ninja gangster pirates in one deft move, turning to wink at you while flicking his rich, golden curls out of his dangerous, steamy brown eyes. But, you know, plain or ugly guys and plain or ugly girls fall in love too. Actually, I can't think of any major crush I've ever had that was on a particularly hot guy.

2. The love interest that isn't a "good guy" nor a "bad boy". They do exist, you know. There aren't only "good girls" and "bad girls", right? Normal guys are really walking around, and they have complex, developed personalities. Actually, I can think of a few books with good love interests in this respect, like The Sky is Everywhere. I would like to see better love interests in paranormal romances, though. (Of course, I'm not saying ALL paranormal romances have underdeveloped male love interests, just the majority I've read. I've heard good things about Paranormalcy, for instance.)

3. A book that makes you cry and laugh. I've been reading too many books that just make you depressed, and then too many books that just make you laugh. I'm trying to find the perfect one that makes you burst into alternate spouts of heartfelt sobs and hysterical laughter.

What about you? What do you want to see more of?


Melody said...

Hmmm, I agree with your list, especially the third one. (Now that's a good book, right there!)

I'd like to see more dystopian (futuristic) without the world changing so much. Like the world remains the same, but the government or science has changed. (Margaret Peterson Haddix does this amazingly.)

I'm sure there's more I want to see, but I'm drawing a blank this morning...

Izzy said...

Ooh, yes, I love those kinds of books, where the change is a little more subtle. Haddix is a great author :)

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