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I gotta say, some of you guys search for weird things to get here. I love checking this page on Google Analytics, that, along with countries and views, is pretty much the only things I even look at. Here are some of the best ones I've seen:

"Ate all my mail box." Yeah, I feel sorry for that guy. He probably padded out of bed on a Saturday morning to get the mail, realized he was really hungry, and devoured his mail box. Along with all the icky cobwebs and leaves inside, and the mail. I bet there's an electric bill hanging out down there in his stomach. Can you imagine the phone call to the company? "Yeah, so, um, I may have accidentally eaten my bill." He probably googled "ate all my mail box" so he could figure out what to do, and instead ended up reading about some books this random girl got from the library.

"Writers are nerds". Er... whoops?

"Blogspot pathologically optimistic Shannon". Maybe this girl somewhere really wanted to read a blog by someone named Shannon who was pathologically optimistic so that she could cheer herself up, and ended up reading a review for a really sad book and got that from the library, which only depressed her further. I'm sorry.

"City of Bones review guy." Yup, that's me.

"Don't trust love". A guy probably just broke up with his girlfriend and googled "don't trust love", hoping maybe for something inspirational or something to make him feel better, and then found himself reading about some girl who can't stop walking into buses.

"Mail box making tips for Maya". Maya probably broke her mail box by accident when she fell on it, so the obvious solution was to make her own. Clearly there would be a website that had mail-box-making tips just for her! Or perhaps I'm misinterpreting this, and she wanted a mail box to make tips for her. That's pretty likely too.

"Pedophilia literature." Pshhh, how silly for a search that like that to come to my blog. I don't have pedophilia literature! Not at all! What a funny joke! * nervous laughter *

"Tell the truth cure compulsive lying asian parents disappointment." Yeah, this pretty much just says it all.

"" Close enough. My Words Ate Me, Love, same thing.


Julia :) said...

Oh wow those are all HILARIOUS!!! That Asian parents one? Best ever. Nothing even close to this amusing has been searched to find my blog.

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