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High School

I wrote this huge, awesome (if I may say so myself) post with lots of cartoons (think The Elevator of Doom mixed with The First Day of Sixth Grade), and I decided to publish the post today. So I go to drafts, click "Edit", do a once-over, and start to click "Publish Post".

Suddenly, all the text, all the cartoons, disappear. Just white space. I stared blankly as Blogger did that automatic "Save Now" thing.

And then I freaked. I frantically refreshed to no avail, then x-ed out the tab and rechecked it. Still blank. All the text - all the jokes - gone.

I can't think of anything to say but a big, fat, sad face.

Yeah. So, if anyone knows a way to recover posts, I will bake you virtual cookies or something.


Emilia Plater said...

THIS HAPPENED TO ME THE OTHER DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I accidentally Selected All then clicked backspace. lol. I was so sad, especially after realizing I could have just clicked Undo instead of spazzing and losing it forever. Ahhh well. <3333

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