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My First Day of Sixth Grade

With my first day of high school looming, I started thinking about my old first days of school. I remember the first day of kindergarten - specifically, the part where I hid under the slide and played with worms. And the first day of second grade, when I was so excited, I woke my parents up at 4 AM, fully dressed with my backpack on. I think the most un-awesome first day I've ever had was sixth grade. I started out trying to find a certain room.

Hmm, where is room 101?

No, I'm not bald, but hair was too hard. That piece of paper is my schedule. That smile is the one of a ten-year-old who does not yet know how awful middle school is.

Unable to find room 101, I decided to ask a random stranger.

Excuse me, where's room 101?
Then, I looked up:

Oh my God!

He answered in a throaty voice:

Over that way.

I walked on in the direction he pointed, but of course I remembered that the Big Scary Eighth Graders sometimes pointed you in the wrong direction. I stopped in front of another Big Scary Eighth Grader and asked her, too.

Umm, is Room 101 in this direction?

She took out a little baggie filled some strange white powder - probably flour, I thought to myself - and inhaled it. Then she grinned at me and pointed in the same direction the smoker had.

I guess she really likes flour.
Finally, I arrived at Room 101.

At the end of the day, I got to leave:

And that was my first day of middle school! What were some of your memorable first days?


Kernel said...
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The Know-it-all said...

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Anonymous 1 said...

Hi Izzy,

The simplicity of the pictures, captions, and other words so fun to read. I loved it! :D

I'd have to say that our secondary school (junior high in my case) are so different. For one thing, our eighth graders don't carry flour around or breathe smoke (even the dragons), so my first day as a 7th grader was probably not as intimidating as yours was.

Additionally, our junior high isn't big enough for someone to get lost in, even on the first day. I mean, our junior high is half the size of the elementary school I went to and accommodates four times the number of students.

- Aaron

Anonymous said...

Bahahahahah <3

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