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Psych Major Syndrome: Review

Synopsis: Age: 18 years

Presenting Concerns:

Leigh Nolan has just started her first year at Stiles College.  She has decided to major in psychology (even though her parents would rather she study Tarot cards than Rorschach blots), despite reporting that she thinks, "Psychology is a load of crap."

Patient has always been very good at helping her friends with their problems, but when it comes to solving her own...not so much. 

Patient has a tendency to overanalyze things, particularly when the opposite sex is involved.  Like why doesn't Andrew, her boyfriend of over a year, ever invite her to spend the night?  Or why can't she commit to taking the next step in their relationship?  And why does his roommate Nathan dislike her so much?  More importantly, why did Nathan have a starring role in a much-more-than-friendly dream? 

Aggravating factors include hyper-competitive fellow psych majors, a professor who's badly in need of her own psychoanalysis, and mentoring a middle-school-aged girl who thinks Patient is, in a word, nave.

Preliminary treatment will include Introduction to Psychology, but may require more if she's going to answer these questions and make it through her freshman year.


Psych Major Syndrome

Details: Psych Major Syndrome by Alicia Thompson, 336 pages, 3.7 stars on Goodreads

My Thoughts: This was a nice, easy read with a lot of fluff. I didn't like Leigh too much in the beginning because she was just kind of irritating, and she was one of those characters who are incredibly oblivious. However, I soon came to like her and the story, which was jam-packed with just the sweetest moments. Not a lot of young adult books are set in college, so it was an interesting change from high school drama.

I didn't like everything about this book. The ending came too fast and was way too perfect and happy. I'd also have liked to learn more about Nathan because I didn't exactly feel like I quite got to know him. Also, it felt just a bit too preachy when it came to sex. I dislike it when books try to lecture you about something although it wasn't that bad.

However, there were definitely good points. I liked the originality of Leigh's New-Age-y parents, with their fake Romanian accents and eye patches, and there were moments where I just had to laugh. If you liked Meg Cabot's books but have gotten too old for them, then this might be right up your alley.

Plot - 3/5
Characters - 3/5
Writing - 3/5
Impact - 2/5
Inability to put it down - 2.5/5

Overall - 54% = C+


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