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You may have noticed the shiny new gadget on the right side of my blog. (If you use Reader, I HIGHLY encourage you to go to the actual blog and look at it.) As you can see, you click it and a little window will pop up. Basically, you complete activities such as watching short videos, answering questions, reading articles, etc., and then based on how many activities you complete, a company will sponsor a charity (in this case, Keep A Child Alive, which helps children with AIDS).

Even spending five minutes watching a video while answering questions (questions about, for example, what you do to help the environment, what you like in a product, etc.) can give ELEVEN HOURS of treatments. If you spend five minutes every day earning eleven hours, that's seventy-seven hours in just ONE WEEK. I myself just spent a total of twenty or so minutes and earned 41 hours.

So please, I urge you to help. It won't cost you anything but a tiny bit of your time.


Ryan G said...

What a wonderful thing to bring to our attention. HIV/AIDS is a subject that is close to my heart as I've lost a few friends to the disease. I will be checking this out today. Thank you.

Bella said...

wow. I watched a thing and earned 11hrs, then checked out their blog to earn more and already I learned a lot...this is a really interesting thingamajig.

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