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2011 Goals

Hey, all the cool kids are doing it, right? :) And yeah, I realize it's the second day of 2011, but that's just how I roll.

2011 Debut Author Challenge.

I've selected 44 books, and I plan to read each one!

2011 Historical Fiction Challenge.

This is a genre I don't often venture in, so I decided to set a realistic goal of 10 books. Hopefully I'll enjoy this little foray!

2011 Manga Challenge.

I didn't actually find a challenge by this name (though I didn't look very hard), but this is something I'm setting for myself. I love anime and manga, but I never find the time to actually read manga. So, I've decided to try and read a total of 15 volumes of manga. It doesn't matter if they're all part of one series or stand-alone volumes or different series... I just want to try and read some more!

2011 180-Book Challenge.

Another one I'm setting for myself. You know, I've never actually counted the number of books I've read, but I want to try this. Maybe I'll make it, maybe I'll epic-fail, but it's worth a try, right? Well, anyway, this means 15 books a month.



Katie said...

Woooo! Go girl! This is an awesome round-up of challenges. I remember seeing your book lists for the Historical Fiction and Debut Author challenges. 180 books is an awesome goal! I'll be looking forward to your reviews :)

Kristen said...

There is actually a graphic novel challenge.. which includes manga technically -

Just in case you want to make it official.

Teacher/Learner said...

Happy New Year & best of luck on your 2011 challenges :)

Izzy said...

Katie: Haha, thanks :]

Kristen: Oh, thanks for pointing that out! I might officially join, but I'm not sure yet.

Teacher/Learner: Thank you =]

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