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Finding Time to Read

A lot of people ask me how I find the time to read. Or blog, for that matter, but that's a story for a different post. While I definitely have more free time than some of my blog readers, I don't actually have the boundless amount of time my reading habits can suggest.

Here are some different suggestions for squeezing in time to read:

  • At the doctor office. You can end waiting for ages there, and the magazines are always either People or Highlights. So why not bring your own book? You can get through quite a lot of pages like that. 
  • At the hair salon. My penny-pinching mom insists that I get haircuts at (1) really horrible cheap places or (2) beauty schools. (Not that I blame her, considering the prices of some of the places around here...) I usually go with the second, because at least you have a chance of getting a decent cut. The downside to this is the waiting time, which tops out at three hours. But hey, I once started and finished an entire book there!
  • On the bus. I take a twenty minute bus ride to and from school every morning, and that gives me forty minutes total of reading time. I do actually get bus sick and nauseated, as well as a roaring headache, but if the book is good enough to be worth it...
  • While eating lunch. Or any other meal that you can get away with reading during it. This doesn't always apply to me because I eat lunch with my friends (in elementary school, starting around second grade, they would hide my book before lunch time and give it back later), but if you find yourself eating alone, you can whip that book out!
  • While you should be doing something else. Yay for procrastinating!
And that's how I find time to read. How do you do it? Any other suggestions?


Teacher/Learner said...

I had nearly an hour-long bus ride to university every day, plus an hour home & I praise public transit for allowing me to get all my course reading done, which was mostly novels for my English degree. Definitely better than driving! Now it's mostly little pockets of time at home & if I'm really lucky, a spare teaching period at work. It's much harder when you're working to find reading time, so sop it all up now while you can :)

Izzy said...

Haha, wow, two whole hours of reading a day! And you're definitely right, I bet it gets a lot harder once you finish school and you have to work.

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