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More Spotlight, Please! (2)

This week, I chose a middle grade book, and most of the blogs I follow are YA-focused, so it's actually quite possible that this book is hyped or relatively hyped and I just don't know it. However, I'm sure at least some of my followers are mainly into YA as well, in which case I hope you guys would be willing to give this a try too!

Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation by Matt Myklusch.

Why It Needs More Spotlight: There isn't much of a synopsis on Goodreads, but here's what there is: "Matt Myklusch's JACK BLANK AND THE IMAGINE NATION combines action, humor, adventure, heroes, villains, and superpowers for a knockout epic story." Come on, how can you resist an epic story? I love the idea of superpowers, villains, and heroes, because it definitely has the potential to be original. Plus, humor? I love funny books! Action's not usually my thing, but I'm okay with it if it's well-written and well-balanced, so I'm willing to try it out.

Although I don't read a lot of it, the thing I love about some middle grade books is that they can be so quirky and interesting, even for an older reader like me. The Mysterious Benedict Society, for example, is definitely not just for younger kids - even adults can enjoy the puzzles, the adventure, the humor, and appreciate the quirkiness of the characters. This book sounds like it might be like that as well.

From what I've gathered from reviews, this seems to be about Jack Blank, an orphan named so because he doesn't know his last name or anything else about his identity. He hates his orphanage and finds refuge in his comic books, but one day a robot comes to life from it and tries to kill him. He then gets swept up in a country called Imagine Nation, which is full of crazy places like Cognito, where people go to disappear and even the streets are nameless. 

It got excellent reviews, it sounds intriguing and exciting and adventurous and quirky... why wouldn't you pick it up? :)


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