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Cover Love (2)

Let's have some cover love for...

The Julian Game by Adele Griffin!
There are so many elements of this cover to discuss, but I'll start with the background. The black and white tiles seem to be very simple, but they actually add a lot to the cover. Those kinds of tiles can mean anything, but to me, they seem rather ominous and creepy, emphasized by how they fade into black at the edges.

The model, of course, is fantastic as well. Her shirt makes her look a lot like she's wearing a school uniform, but then you see her awesome light blue hair and that makes you realize that she's probably not the stereotypical preppy girl. I love the bright green latex gloves she's pulling on, because this is such a perfect way to show that the girl's up to something. It was smart of the designers to make them such a bright color too, because that makes them really stand out!

The title was very clever, too. It's clearly modeled after the Facebook logo, and I love love love that it covers her eyes and thus her identity. It says so much about the book, which is excellent in a cover. The author's name placement is good as well, in a prime location to be seen without taking up half the cover. The only I don't like is the red "Play or get played" at the very top - it's kind of distracting and I don't really like the use of the color red in a cover that otherwise doesn't use warm colors.

So, there you have it! What do you think of this cover?


brave chickens said...

I didn’t realise that the title was modelled after the Facebook logo. Quite clever it is!

Chachic said...

Here via the Comment Exchange Program. The cover for this one is really interesting, it's the type of cover that will make you grab the book while you're just browsing the shelves in a bookstore. I agree with what you said - the blue hair and the bright green gloves are striking and they really stand out.

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