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Book Blogger Hop (12)

This week, the question is... Why do you read the genre that you do? What draws you to it?

I actually read almost every genre there is (within young adult fiction). The only genres I don't read as much is paranormal. If I'm convinced that it's very good paranormal, I will read it and I have enjoyed paranormals in the past (such as Infinite Days and Shiver, and I look forward to reading Paranormalcy soon!), but it just doesn't tend to be a favorite genre of mine.

However, pretty much everything else appeals to me one way or another. I like contemporaries and urban fantasies and mysteries and thrillers and historicals and anything else you can think of. Honestly, to me, books aren't so much about genre but rather if they can give me entertainment, whether it be by making me think or feel or even just laugh.

Thanks for hopping by! Please leave a comment with a link to your own blogger hop post, and I'll be happy to return the favor :) If we seem to have similar reading interests, I'll definitely follow you!


Anonymous said...

Just hopping by! I love the whole YA world as well. I enjoy the different worlds that today's YA authors create and I love to lose myself in them. I'll admit that I also really enjoy the YA books that deal with a topic that may be hard for me to read as a Mom - but I always learn something in them.

Michelle from Pineapples & Pyjamas

Andrea said...

Just hopping by! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Reading Lark's Hop Post

Teacher/Learner said...

Old follower hopping by :) I like the new template! I should read more YA because there are so many fascinating titles I've come across from blogging but I have tons of adult-general fiction that I'm already swamped. Ugh...there's no excuse like a bad excuse :D

Alison said...

Hopping through. I read mostly YA. I love paranormal, but that's a pretty recent phenomenon. I used to only read contemp YA fiction.
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