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Cover Love (3)

This week's selection is a little different from the past two, but I love it all the same. Everyone, get ready for...

Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford!

 Seriously, I could rave about this cover forever. Let's go through each element, starting the biggest part: the waste basket. I love simple covers that focus on one thing, and it was genius to pick something like the waste basket and plop it right in the center. I also like the contents the designer chose to have it filled with. You can tell there are other things (like the pink, orange, and blue things), but it's mostly crumpled pieces of paper.

This mostly-light-hearted cover gets a slightly darker feel when the title is taken into consideration, and it looks like those balls of paper are supposed to be suicide notes, as if someone went through many revisions of it. And speaking of light-heartedness, the background is perfect! According to the synopsis, this is supposed to be a humorous book, and so despite the title and the significance of the papers, the background is light and almost cheery.

The penciled-in font for the title is great as well, and I like the scrawled "A Novel" beneath it. Even the font for the author is small, unobtrusive, and elegant. This deceptively simple cover tells a lot about the book and does a good job making me excited for it!

What do you think about it?


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