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Right Behind You: Review

Title: Right Behind You
Author: Gail Giles
Release Date: 9/1/07
Published By: Little, Brown Young Readers
Goodreads Rating: 4.14 stars

Synopsis: When he was nine, Kip set another child on fire. Now, after years in a juvenile ward, he is ready for a fresh start. But the ghosts of his past soon demand justice, and he must reveal his painful secret. How can Kip tell anyone that he really is—or was—a murderer?

Review: Part of this book is devoted to explaining how he came to set the child on fire and his years in the juvenile ward, but most of it is about life after he left the ward, about adjusting to "normal high school life", and learning to live with himself. This was definitely a pretty heavy read that made my stomach clench with sympathy for Kip.

The author did an excellent job of portraying Kip. She didn't shy away from the murder he committed, but still managed to get the reader to sympathize with him and understand. I was a bit horrified as I was reading about the actual murder, but it was easy to get from the start that he wasn't really a malicious psychopath or anything, and he was scarred from what he had done and seen.

I'm not entirely sure what genre this would go in. I guess I would say it's a psychological suspense, which I haven't read a whole lot of. However, this makes me want to read more books like it, which is a success on the author's part! I loved this dark but page-turning read. I only wish that there was more to the ending, but otherwise, I would recommend this to everyone!

Grade: B+


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